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College Achievement Program

Student Selection Process

Students are initially considered for the College Achievement Program because they do not have the minimum SAT or ACT subtest scores that are required by the state of Florida at the time they apply for admission to UCF. Currently, the state of Florida requires the following minimum sub-test scores on the SAT or ACT:

Test Area Minimum Score Required
Math SAT Math: 440 or ACT Math: 19
Reading SAT Reading: 440 or ACT Reading: 19
Writing SAT Writing: 440 or ACT English/Writing: 17

Students who apply to UCF with SAT or ACT subtest scores below one or more of the minimums listed above are required to take UCF’s College Placement Test (CPT) when they attend orientation in the summer. Students only take the subject tests within the CPT that correspond to their below minimum subtest score(s). For example, if a student is below the state minimum score in math only, they are only required to take the math subtest on the CPT.

Students whose CPT scores indicate a need for prep course work in writing, reading, and/or math will be participants in the College Achievement Program until program requirements are completed. Students who do not have a need for prep course work are not eligible for the program.

Program Advantages

  • Students are able to gain and strengthen the skills necessary in reading, writing, and math that will allow them to be academically successful in college level courses.

  • Through our partnership with Valencia College, students are typically able to take their prep courses on the UCF Orlando campus – no travel required.

  • Students receive personal academic advising support from the professional advising staff in the First Year and Advising Exploration office throughout their freshman year.

student sitting and writing