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College Achievement Program

ENC 1130 Improving College-Level Writing

Improving College-Level Writing is a new course UCF is offering to CAP students for the Summer 2011 term. It is an entry-level writing course designed to prepare students to read and write effectively at the college level. The curriculum for this course has been designed with UCF's specific ENC 1101 and 1102 courses in mind and will provide students with preparation for the specific skills needed to be successful in these two courses. A minimum grade of "C" or higher is required to move forward into ENC 1101. Three credit hours of elective credit is awarded for this course.

REA 1105 College Reading I

Reading Skills reinforces comprehension skills and vocabulary development and emphasizes developing strategies for learning and remembering new words. A minimum grade of "C" is required to move forward in reading intensive courses. Three credit hours of elective credit is awarded for this course.

MAT 0022C Developmental Math Combined

This college-preparatory course is designed to prepare students for MAT 1033C Intermediate Algebra. Topics include sets, computations with decimals, percents, integers, operations with rational and polynomial expressions, solving linear equations and simplifying expressions, plane geometric figures and applications, graphing ordered pairs and lines and determining the intercepts of lines. A passing score on the basic skills exit test is required for a minimum final course grade of "C", which is required for successful completion of this course. This course does not apply toward mathematics requirements in General Education. No college credit is awarded for this course.

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