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College Achievement Program

All potential CAP students are required to take the College Placement Test (CPT) during Day 1 of their orientation session. Students enter CAP only if their CPT scores indicate a need for prep course work.

Students are strongly encouraged to review and study prior to taking the CPT. More information about the CPT, including cost, forms of payment accepted, and other requirements, can be found at the University Testing Center's website.

Breakdown of CPT Scores and Prep Classes

Student Rates
CPT Area CPT Score Prep Course Required
English 0-82 ENC 1130 - Improving College Level Writing
83+ Exempt - No Registration Restrictions
Reading 0-82 REA 1105 - College Reading I
83+ Exempt - No Registration Restrictions
Math 0-71 MAT 0022C - Developmental Math Combined
72+ Exempt - Qualifying UCF Math Placement scores are needed for placement in college-level mathematics courses

CPT Exemptions

  1. Students with updated SAT or ACT subtest scores that are above the state of Florida minimums are exempt from taking the CPT.

  2. Students who have earned Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and/or Dual Enrollment credit in the same areas as the CPT subtest, are exempt from taking the CPT if their credit is transferable in the areas of college level English and/or math.

  3. Students who have earned P.E.R. T. scores valid within the last two years. P.E.R.T. scores will determine placement into appropriate courses unless the student chooses to take the CPT at Day 1 of their orientation.

Students should submit an official copy of their score reports and/or dual enrollment college transcript Undergraduate Admissions. A copy of this documentation should also be faxed or emailed to us.

a sample scantron