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First Year Advising and Exploration

Orientation is a two-day program where new students and parents will meet with UCF Faculty, Staff, and peers who will assist the students in understanding the rigors of the university academic experience. During the two-day orientation program, students will learn more about the campus, academic offerings, and campus resources that the university provides. Students will meet with a first year academic advisor to discuss their academic goals and plan their class schedule.

Orientation is an important part of the incoming student's first year. To learn more information about Orientation, visit the link below.

UCF Orientation

One of the most important relationships a student can establish at the beginning of his or her college career is with an academic advisor. During orientation, students will be assigned an academic advisor to assist with scheduling for classes.

Look for information via email from your Academic Advisor before you attend Orientation!

FTIC Orientation Overview

Day One Orientation:

  • Welcome to the University
  • Tour of Campus
  • Meeting with Colleges
  • Reviewing Policies and Procedures with First Year Advising and Exploration Advisors
  • Reviewing Incoming Credit and General Education Program

Day Two Orientation:

  • Presentation on requirements for majors
  • Schedule Planning for classes
  • Registration for classes